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In Oakville, many homeowners, designers, and architects choose to install stone countertops. There are a number of different reasons for this, but three of the main advantages of stone countertops are beauty, versatility, and durability. Stone lends a natural elegance to any room. It's available in many different types, colours, and patterns, so it's easy to find exactly the right stone for you. Stone goes well with virtually any type of décor. And when properly cared for, stone countertops will last for generations.

Timeless Appeal

For hundreds of years, only the very wealthy could afford to use stone elements in their homes. Quarrying, finishing, and shipping stone such as marble and granite was very time-consuming and labour-intensive, putting the price of fine stone out of the reach of most people. In recent decades, however, advances in technology for extracting and finishing have meant that the natural beauty of stone has now been made affordable to discerning homeowners.
Although there are many uses for stone in the home, including fireplace and mantel, tub deck, shower surround, wall cladding, and more, countertops have the greatest appeal. A beautiful stone kitchen countertop can become the focus of the room, and can provide both aesthetic and practical value. Because the counter usually covers a large area in a sunny room, the full beauty of natural stone is on display. Flecks of minerals catch the light, and the stone glows from within, a work of art created by nature over the course of thousands of years.

Types of Stone

The most popular choice for stone slab countertops is granite. Granite is found in almost every country in the world. It is available in a virtual rainbow of colours, from subtly flecked white and grey to exotic varieties combining several vivid colours or featuring dramatic patterns and veining. Black granite with white graining is often chosen by those who prefer a modern look. Luminous blues or dark stone with blue highlights brings rich colour to any room. Classic white or speckled creamy stone can complement any kind of decorating scheme. Browns and burgundy highlights offer richness unequalled by any synthetic material. With names like "Lapis Lazuli Wild,” "Black Mosaic Gold,” "Copper Dune,” "Rainbow Sandstone,” or "New Galaxy,” these beautiful granites create a special feeling in your living space.
Marble is the stone we most associate with fine classical art and architecture, and its combination of cool strength and buttery depth continues to beguile us. Marble is a metamorphic stone composed of recrystallized limestone. When we think of marble, we often think of white carrara marble, with its pale white surface and grey veining. But marble is also available in a host of colours, from black with gold and red bands to sky blue and white wave patterns; from chocolate brown lined with cream to gold-spangled pink. The names of marble varieties are also seductive: "Etruscan Rose,” "Sahara,” "Paradiso Brown.”
Other types of natural stone slab include onyx and quartzite. Each stone has its own particular appeal.
Visit a stone supplier's showroom today, and bring the beauty of stone to your Oakville home!

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